Our members hail from all walks of life – some families have lived in the co-op for generations while for others the Co-op is their very first home in Canada.  We make decisions together about the Co-op at General Membership Meetings.

As members our obligation is to contribute two hours per month per member of the household , in addition to attendance at General Membership meetings. The General Membership meetings are held every other month and must be attended by at least one member of the household. We can decide together where you will be able to help the Co-op the most, and where you will be the most comfortable.

Membership Housing Charges

One Bedroom – $928.00 – $962.00 / mth

Two Bedroom – $1,084.00 – $1,306.00 / mth

Three Bedroom / Four Bedroom – $1,500.00 / mth

Townhouse – $1,655.00 / mth

No subsidy is available.